Posted by: Kristin | February 16, 2009

All is well in Jordan – caught a glimpse of Queen Rania today!

We’ve been at the Arab conference for Prevention of Family Violence in Amman all day.  I was on a panel about Family Violence Prevention – sharing the experiences of empowering youth through OneWorld Now! (a different and innovative approach to preventing violence).  Almost all violence in the world is linked to family violence.  Arab leaders from all over the Arab Muslim world are gathering for this two day conference to come up with a multilateral strategy for preventing family violence.   At the Opening Ceremony, Queen Rania was attending and we were sitting only a few seats away…her presence was awaited by all!  I’ll be uploading video clips soon from the day’s events.  I’m off to my next meeting….



  1. the way of ending domestic violence would be using words attemp to talk rather than resorting to fist. even yelling at each other is a start at least no one gets hurt this way.
    the second solution start a company that makes foam weapons the lack of pain it inflicts turns to whole situation into an histerical moment having the whole family laugh watching the one using violence somes to do nothing but look like an idiot hitting with a foam object. laughter is contageous

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