Posted by: Kristin | February 20, 2009

Friday at the Dead Sea – the Lowest Place on Earth

It’s Friday, the holy day in Jordan. Most Muslim countries have Friday and Saturday as their weekend. So today, we spent the morning eating a traditional Jordanian Friday breakfast – hummus, falafel, fresh vegetables and lots of delicious olive oil. We visited the Youth Mayor’s Council of Amman and heard presentations from young students about their city “child-friendly” initiatives. These young leaders were impressive – and we intend to create an exchange and send some of our students here this summer for their youth camps. Everyone is pretty excited to hear about OneWorld Now! and the fact that young Americans are studying Arabic and want to learn more about the Middle East. We get the sense that everyone in this region is tired of the negative stereotyping – in all directions. And everyone agrees that having people to people exchanges, especially with youth, is the best way to create positive relations and understanding. I think we’re all ready for a new day! After the morning activities – we headed for the Dead Sea – the lowest place on planet Earth and the saltiest of all the seas. This place is suppose to have healing qualities, so I trust spending the evening here will only help the sinus infection I’ve been battling this entire trip. The beneficial effects of the Dead Sea’s raw materials on the skin and their unique therapeutic and beautifying powers have been recognised since ancient times…the most beautiful women in the world, Cleopatra and Queen of Sheba are said to have frequented the Dead Sea often…   take note!



  1. whats falafel?

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