Posted by: Kristin | February 24, 2009

Bob and Kristin on Aljazeera TV

At the Opening Ceremony of the Regional Arab Conference Against Family Violence, Queen Rania’s arrival was televised on National Jordanian TV and then picked up by the international Aljazeera station and shown throughout the Arab world, which included close-ups of Mr. Bob Walsh and myself…our debut on Arab TV. I’m trying to get the station to send me the clip so I can post it…
After an exciting and enlightening week in Jordan, we’ve returned to Seattle, feeling the 10 hour time difference and processing our expanded world view… Every time I travel and experience a new place, country and culture, I am reminded that nothing replaces the power of first-hand experience abroad. It’s the most transformative experience and the most impactful way to change the hearts and minds of the next generation…I’m even more committed to creating ways to keep study abroad experiences accessible for all!


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