Posted by: Kristin | February 27, 2009

Start now, start today – make a difference!

After last night’s Ashoka presentation and founder Bill Drayton’s overview of the state of world, the extreme pace of change and the reminder of the extraordinary importance of being changemakers in our lives, I reflect on what holds people back from taking action on their visions now…

We all have our VISION for our lives and everyone’s is (or could be) a magnificent contribution to this world. The beauty of vision is that YOU came up with it, like a masterpiece of art, it’s your unique expression and possibility to manifest during your lifetime. I truly believe that the world would be a better place if everyone was consciously living in alignment with their highest vision everyday.

I’ve noticed when asking people about what they deeply want most in life and their vision for being a “change maker” – most folks talk about what they’d like to see some time in the future and it’s usually framed conditionally; i.e. “after the kids leave home” or “once I earn enough money” or “as soon as I graduate” or “by age 30…” etc. etc. etc. My question is, what are you waiting for? What can you (and what can I) do now, today, at this moment towards our highest vision? I’m absolutely positive there is SOMETHING we can do today and practice being change makers in our own lives.

One aspect of my vision is to encourage others to live their dreams and see new possibilities for themselves – so my committed action today is to write about this on the blog. Also, in the spirit of Bill Drayton’s speech last night (and the vision of OneWorld Now!) that the only hope for our future is to encourage young people to see this possibility within themselves – I encourage us all (and I will too) to connect with at least ONE young person in your life TODAY and encourage them to live their dreams! I’m going to start now & make a phone call…


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