Posted by: Kristin | March 2, 2009

It’s all here – when we pay attention…

As most of us, particularly in American society, speed along through our lives on autopilot, striving to always get ahead and being stuck IN OUR HEADS, a dear friend recently asked me about my year abroad in Paris.

That simple question jolted me back into another reality of charming cobblestone streets, the smell of fresh croissants & lip smacking pastries, the aesthetically appealing window displays, stylishly dressed people and dogs, and the sounds of accordion street musicians ringing in my ears… Oh, how my spirit and senses have been dulled and ignored in my head race to maneuver in this fast-paced game to survive and stay ahead.

I realized how un-present I had become, and recommitted to intentionally paying attention, being present and accessing those all important aspects of my spirit…

So this weekend, I took myself to the Seattle Art Museum and got lost in the beautiful and colorful interpretations on the canvases that we call art. I took myself salsa dancing and paid full attention to connection to the partner across from me. I sat and listened to my friend Pietro strum beautiful Brazilian songs on his new guitar as he sang sweetly in Portuguese. I held a ten month old baby in my arms wondering how his beautiful blue eyes and sensitive soul were receiving all the world around him…

As a result, my spirit feels that much bigger, the spark in my eyes is shining that much further and sense of possibility is that much more inspired. All this awakened with fond memories of a magical year in Paris…


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