Posted by: Kristin | March 3, 2009

Eye for an Eye

This was a big story when I was in Jordan about a woman in Iran who was blinded when her attacker threw acid into her eyes.

She took him to court and won.

Instead of awarding her with the typical “blood money”, she asked for his punishment, under Shariya Law, to be that he experience the same fate as her (blinded by acid).

He appealed and lost…what do you think? Click on the link below to hear the story…

Eye for an Eye



  1. I’m surprisingly conflicted by this situation. If the victim were killed, instead of blinded, I would not want to see her killer put to death (as I am against the death penalty). But I feel no such objection to her violator being blinded by the same acid that took her sight. I wonder why I feel this way?

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