Posted by: Kristin | March 12, 2009

How Doodling Supports Focusing Vs. Day Dreaming

I heard this interesting story on NPR this morning about doodling and how it actually often keeps us from being distracted at meetings. As a closet doodler, I was quite happy to hear this news. At the same time, two points of the story jumped out at me:

1. the brain is always processing information, so there’s no way to turn it off.

I know this may seem like an OBVIOUS fact, but for me, it was just a blatant reminder as to why my brain organ is ALWAYS churning away, even when I truly want it to rest! I guess I’ll save the Art of Meditation for another blog entry!

2. Doodling apparently keeps us from being distracted when it would otherwise blast off into day dreaming.

I actually think day dreaming is a great thing and taps into our creative selves and helps us explore our greatest dreams and visions. I guess the next time I go into a meeting I just have ask myself if it will serve me more to focus & doodle or dream about my next big vision!

The Art of Doodling



  1. for you i should say day dreaming. dreaming of a way to join the people of this world with O.W.N. to truly make this world we live on one world as opposed to many different worlds.

  2. As long as my day dreaming is followed up with actions. In any case, it all starts with our intentions, and then all sorts of people, resources, possibilities around us start to unfold.

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