Posted by: Kristin | March 17, 2009

Choose Your Vision – Leadership from Within

My dear friend and mentor, Gloria Burgess, recently wrote an in inspiring book called “Dare to Wear Your Soul on the Outside” which is essentially a guide to supporting YOU in having your highest vision.

I met Gloria last year when we shared the stage as keynote speakers at an Emerging & Legacy Leadership conference in Seattle.

I was very impressed with Gloria’s grounded and inspiring insights, and I especially appreciated her ability to integrate ALL OF WHO SHE IS (poet, consultant, coach, partner, educator, singer, storyteller, and the list goes on…) into her leadership practice.

She doesn’t settle on historical definations of what leadership is suppose to look like and what emerges is a new possibility for all of us.

There was a nice article written about her book recently which I’ve linked below.

Gloria’s book reminds readers that it’s up to us alone to get in the frame of mind to start generating our dreams and visions! It’s that simple – pure intentionality.

And what better time than during all of this negativity in the media and around us to start choosing to focus our minds and hearts on our vision.

It’s amazing what starts to happen when we’re open to the possibilities and we surround ourselves with positive people and affirming thoughts!

Gloria came and spoke to our OneWorld Now! students a couple months ago and really touched their minds and hearts. Her message was that Global Leadership is Personal Leadership.

I couldn’t agree more and whole heartedly wish all of our leaders had the same commitment to their own personal development.

What might be possible if our leaders were more self-aware, compassionate with themselves & others, consciously suspending judgements & reactions, listening to understand instead being understood, “being” the space of possibility for others.

What a concept!

Well, let’s start by being those kinds of leaders in our own lives!

Bad Times a Good Time to Make Life Changes



  1. Hey Kristin ~ You’re awesome! Now for some real news, eh? I admire how you keep the fire, the vision, & the faith.

    In friendship.

  2. Thanks, Gloria – for your mentorship and inspiration! Also, thank you for generously providing your CD to all of our OneWorld Now! students – you’re the best!

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