Posted by: Kristin | March 28, 2009

Last Day at the Skoll Forum

Here’s an excerpt of Bart Weetjens’s remarks after receiving his 2009 Skoll Award. Bart is founder of heroRATS, an organization developing innovative methods to detect landmines in Africa. This was my favorite social venture – isn’t this a brilliant idea to train RATS to detect land mines? It’s so successful they are now exploring using rats to detect tuberculosis:

And this is Soraya Salti, founder of INJAZ, an organization leading a movement to create innovative solutions for public schools in the Middle East:

Here is Jordan Kassalow of VisionSpring accepting his 2009 Skoll Award. Jordan realized that something as simple as inexpensive, ready-made eyeglasses could have a significant impact on reducing poverty – for those who suffer from poor vision, and for those who take advantage of the business opportunity to sell glasses. Since 2003, VisionSpring’s award-winning innovation, the “Business in a Bag,” has empowered Vision Entrepreneurs across four continents to run profitable businesses selling eyeglasses – over 200,000 pairs to date.

And finally, the 2009 Skoll Awards Ceremony included entertainment by the inspiring Scottish singer songwriter KT Tunstall:



  1. rats that detect TB? wow the land mines i kinda believe but to detect a disease amazing

  2. I Love KT Tunstall! It’s so amazing that she performed at the Skoll Forum

  3. KT’s performance was indeed amazing – I met her at the reception after the Awards Ceremony and told her that she was a highlight of the evening!

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