Posted by: Kristin | April 3, 2009

Paris Through the Eyes of a 1949 Brownie Hawkeye…

Eric J. Henderson from New York City is a photographer who has been shooting exclusively with a Brownie Hawkeye (circa 1949) camera since he bought his first one for $5 off the street in Harlem in 2003!

Besides developing his own amazing work, Eric and I have led the Global Arts Project around the world with OneWorld Now!, giving youth the opportunity to share their stories through the Brownie lens from the favelas in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to the streets of Rabat, Morocco.

Eric and I met up in Paris this past weekend to develop a project with youth from the Parisian ‘Banlieue’… In this video clip, Eric (at the touristic yet stunning Louvre) talks about his Brownie Hawkeye and our OneWorld Now! Global Arts Project:

In this clip, on the rainy streets of Le Marais neighborhood in Paris, Eric sets up the shot before being overtaken by the crowd…


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