Posted by: Kristin | April 5, 2009

Remember – We All Have Wings!

One of many great things about traveling (especially in another cultural context) is that we’re forced out of the “autopilot” responses of our daily lives; blatantly reminded that there are other ways of being, other ways of doing things and other ways of living.

Sometimes it’s not until we take a break from swimming in circles within the “pond” of our lives that we remember that we all have wings and that there are many, many, many other realities outside of that pond.

Consider reading one of my favorite books about trusting our inclination to fly high: Jonathan Livingston Seagull



  1. Like the fish that does not even notice the water in which it resides, the virtues of our humanity are such a common occurrence that we swim blissfully unaware in its invisible waters.

  2. With those wings, where are we taken to?
    I am looking forward to seeing both your destinations and mine. All things are possible, darling. I keep that in mind.

  3. Abundance, abundance, abundance – remember to keep playin’ BIG! đŸ™‚

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