Posted by: Kristin | April 7, 2009

French Youth Ambassadors

Last year, during the historic US Presidential election in November 2008, OneWorld Now! hosted a group of French “Youth Ambassadors”.

This program, funded by the US Embassy in Paris, sent high school students from underserved neighborhoods outside of Paris on scholarship to spend a couple weeks in the USA to witness the Presidential elections.

A diverse group of OneWorld Now! students, who speak a variety of languages at home including Chinese, Somali, etc. hosted our French Ambassadors.

Can you imagine being an exchange student in America at that time?

On election day, the French Ambassadors were speaking on a panel at Evergreen State College about their experiences in America and acknowledged that as much as they were personally so excited about the prospect of America’s first black president – that they didn’t think it would ever be possible in today’s France.

After their panel discussion, we went to a nearby cafe to watch the returns and the French students couldn’t understand why the simultaneous coverage of the Presidential elections on Fox News and CNN News was completely contrasting at the same “live” moment

Fox had McCain leading and CNN had Obama leading! This was a great learning moment about American media…

We continue to stay in touch with these students as they have become a part of our OneWorld Now! family. On my recent trip to Paris last week, we had a short reunion and here’s a short clip from our visit:



  1. Hi kristin!!
    I miss you so much !
    Thank you for this good day!
    You are my most beautiful meeting of the year 2008!

    And thank for the lesson of salsa…. 🙂

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