Posted by: Kristin | April 14, 2009

Stay Connected…It’s Quite Simple

With the nagging realization that I haven’t seen my neighbors in months, I intentionally walked across the hallway of the 17th floor where I live and knocked on their door. I realized that I had become totally disconnected from my neighbors – the people who live right next door to me! We’re all so busy in this hectic American life, that it’s easy to forget the most important things in life, our connection to each other.

I was greeted warmly by my neighbor, Hannah, with a big hug and invited inside. Her husband looked up from practicing his guitar to wave me in and then continued strumming his beautiful song. We were all so happy to see each other, and I almost wanted to cry with the realization it was SO simple for me to just walk across the hall this evening (yet it had been so very long). Seeing them suddenly grounded me, expanded my spirit and reminded me of the power of human connection and community.

Hannah shared with me that she is reading and enjoying the wisdom ofThe Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery these days. I was excited then to give her my French version of the famous tale, which I had picked up in Paris. When I asked what her favorite part was, she pointed to the passage in the book:

“Voice mon secret. Il est tres simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le coeur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.”

“Here’s my secret. It’s quite simple: One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes.”

I thought: Wow, it’s like human connection – it’s something we just feel, it’s quite simple, yet so meaningful…just like walking across the hall to check in with our neighbors!



  1. wow – this I can dig. this is what I like to do – stop the nonsense motion and just say hello to start a real and considered conversation.

    much peace.


  2. thanks, e – this is how we stay grounded!

  3. connection is the magic of our shared existence… E.M. Forster said “Only connect” –that’s the essence and purpose of being. i’m grateful to the winds that guided our move nextdoor to such a wondrous light!

  4. The power of human connection… Tango in close embrace!

  5. I just came back from Tango dancing – yes, indeed, there is nothing more powerful than human connection. May we be PRESENT enough to connect with each other in every moment!

  6. One day I/we walked across the hall to see you too! Remember!!!??? 🙂

  7. i love connecting with people like this. to me, this is the point of social media and new media – to connect people physically, not to become isolated behind our bright LCD screens.

    keep on keeping on!

  8. word! life is balance – that’s for sure! for me, nothing replaces the face to face communication – see my previous blog about the Art of Communication. The 90% is difficult to discern through the computer…

  9. Kristin! I discovered your blog while looking to see what was going on these days with OneWorld Now! I saw this post and, of course, had to ‘reconnect.’ I am glad to see that the program is still going strong. It was truly one of the most important experiences of my life. I regret that I was always at school in DC whenever I heard that OWN was having a ‘reunion,’ but now that I’ve graduated I am hoping to attend the next one that comes along…

  10. Mike – great to hear from you! Stay in touch – we’re planning another reunion this summer! Congrats on your graduation!

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