Posted by: Kristin | April 16, 2009

Just Do It!

I want to acknowledge and note that I had a terrific response (in comments and feedback) to my last blog entry about human connection and spreading neighborly love. The fact that this simple act of connecting with the people around us so resonated for all of us is significant!

I would encourage all of us today (why wait?) to consider reaching out to the family member, the neighbor, the friend, and/or the loved one that’s been on our mind but we haven’t “found the time” to connect with recently. Like Nike said: Just Do It! You’ll feel better and you KNOW how much that person will enjoy hearing from you. In these fast and furious times – being there for someone is what matters most!
Who comes to mind? I believe that whoever popped into your mind just now is exactly who is waiting to hear from you… (Okay, Mom, got the message…you’ll hear from me soon).


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