Posted by: Kristin | May 10, 2009

Sunday and It’s Back to Work…for Jordanians!

Having just arrived in Jordan, it’s interesting (from my Western perspective) that Sunday is the first work day of the week. As Friday is the “Holy Day” in Muslim countries, the weekend is typically Thursday and Friday or Friday and Saturday (as it is in Jordan).

So today we worked!

The story dominating the news in Jordan is the visit from the Pope this week. Apparently, the coverage on television has been non-stop for the past couple of days. After upsetting many Muslims in a 2006 speech, this time Pope Benedict is making a concerted effort to encourage inter-faith understanding and dialogue between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. Understanding starts with dialogue!

After his trip to Jordan, the Pope flies to Isreal where he will be protected by 80,000 security gaurds! Imagine what goes into to organizing that kind of visit…



  1. Have a good business trip, K. I have been saying the prayer at least 10 times a day. I put the paper on the mirror of my bathroom.

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