Posted by: Kristin | May 13, 2009

Jordan’s Special Role – Hope in the Middle East

We’ve only spent the four days here in Amman, Jordan, but it hasn’t taken long to understand and feel what a special role Jordan plays in the Middle East. With the important visit of Pope Benedict kicking off this week, and ending the week with the World Economic Forum, Jordan is clearly playing a leading role towards tolerance, understanding and hope in this volitile region. Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah opened the WEF speaking to the Young Global Leaders with a message of encouragement: “have the prestige and potential to transform people’s lives” and urged action: “At a time when the global financial crisis is fast becoming a development emergency, we need you to put your ideas into action more than ever before.”

The energy on the streets of Amman is dynamic and progressive! In the past four days in Amman, I’ve been impressed by the visionary people we’ve met, including young changemakers,social entrepreneurs, socially responsible business leaders, social action bloggers, community builders and inspirational global leaders. As Americans, we’ve been welcomed with open arms and total hospitality.

People here are especially hopeful about our new administration, confirmed by Rueter’s recent poll which revealed that Obama has a 58% approval rating in Jordan! Even more interesting, the survey concluded that for Arabs, Obama is more popular than the US, which has brought optimism to Obama’s role in the upcoming Middle East peace process. See the full report: Obama more popular than US for Arabs
We’ll be back soon, and Jordan has left us with a sense of possibility for a brighter future!


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