Posted by: Kristin | May 15, 2009

Sites and Sounds of Amman

They say that where “6-degrees of separation” holds true for most of the world, apparently it’s only 2-degrees in the Middle East. That certainly seems to be true for Amman, Jordan! Everyone seems to know everyone and everyone is somehow connected or related to one another…especially the well-educated, well-traveled and affluent folks. Jordan certainly has it’s share of highly educated people, who all seem to speak English very well. Most interestingly, 74% of Jordan’s population are under the age of 30!!!

This has only been my second trip to the region and I’m fascinated by all of the complexities of the history, politics, culture and people. I’m inspired to learn more (such is the beauty and magic of travel/study abroad!!). I sit in a charming cafe in the old yet trendy Jabal Amman neighborhood with a mix of young people (some women covered with head scarves and some not), reflecting on this fascinating land while listening to the loudspeakers deliver the “call to prayer”…


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