Posted by: Kristin | January 26, 2010

These Young Leaders Keep Me Inspired…

With this busy American life and all the adventures of managing a non-profit (or “social venture” as I like to say…why would you want to be a non-anything?), it’s important to take time to reflect and pause. Luckily for me, the students of OneWorld Now! always keep me on my toes and always inspired…

Let’s take Philmon, for example. This young leader, photographed above, has taken full advantage of every opportunity offered to him through OneWorld Now!. He spent his junior year of high school in Washington DC as a Page in the US Congress, then we supported him through a scholarship to study in China for his senior year. He became nearly fluent in Mandarin and found every opportunity to practice his Chinese and volunteer his time in the Chinese community upon his return to the States.

After being accepted to Swarthmore College earlier this year,  he decided to spend his J-term back in China volunteering within a leper community in a small village. He quickly raised money for his trip with the intention of putting his Chinese language skills to use by supporting public outreach efforts to stop the discrimination towards lepers living in a particular isolated Chinese community. We took this photo the day he left for China at the start of the new year…. Philmon, thanks for inspiring me, you’re making a difference in this world and we believe in you!



  1. What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, and for making these opportunities possible!

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