Posted by: Kristin | April 22, 2010

“Get Global” gets students engaged!

This Saturday, April 24th, OneWorld Now! youth will be organizing a student-led global leadership conference at the University of Washington called “Get Global“.   This year there will be visiting students from around the world, keynote speakers from Philadelphia and New York City, visitors from the US State Department, as well as students from our sister school in Los Angeles!

If you’re a high school student and interested in international issues, don’t miss this opportunity!

Check out these student-led workshops:

Get Global 2010 Workshops

Global Fashion Fusion
Try on clothing from different cultures, countries, and regions of the world, while learning about the clothing’s history and origin. Learn about how what we wear can create stereotypes.

Global Get Down
It is time to shake out your stress and worries and start dancing! Get to know one another through the movement of music and dances from around the world.

What Would You Do?
Through innovative simulations, you will learn what it is like to loose your land because of war, lack of money, natural disaster, etc. You will feel the hardships and pain that families have to endure while searching for a new home.

Pushing Over the “Melting Pot”
The workshop is about multicultural identity with a focus on Asian-American identity, third culture kids, and cultural dissonance. We will hear a lecture on and then enter a discussion on the definition of America as a multi-cultural nation and examine the stereotypes that America holds above the cultures its made up of.

Take Action!
People with developmental disorders in Novi Pazar don’t have its own building, but they are renting the premises. The problem is they do not know how long they will have money for rent, so they need to have their own building in order to solve this problem. We will be learning ways to help raise money for these people with developmental disabilities, and we are always there to help them.

Code: Critical Language
Ever wondered how YOU could learn interesting, unusual languages of the world and have the government pay for it? This workshop will help you break the code of what a critical languages is, why they’re important, and how you can learn them.

Is the Street a “She”?
Did you know that in Serbia, only 9 streets (out of 283) are named after female figures? The workshop will be raising awareness of gender equality situation in local communities in Serbia and the countries (communities) of other conference participants with an aim to evaluate current state of affairs with regard to gender equality both from the local as well as from the global perspective.

A Fighting Chance!
We will discuss conflicts present in communities, classes and friendship circles, and what NGOs are involved with these conflicts. We will explore strategies used to deal with conflict and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each. Emphasis will be on group discussion and sharing of experiences.

The “-Ism” Prism
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the differences and similarities that set us a part yet bring us together, based isms. Through interactive games and activities we’ll learn more about others and their origins/beliefs regarding a wide variety of topics, and explore the lens that we all look at others through.

Skills to be of Service
Have you ever wanted to use another language to volunteer? Do you feel you don’t you have the skills now? GREAT!!! In this workshop will talk about cultural shocks and conflicts that can occur when working with people from abroad. Together we will act out scenarios and come on with possible ways of dealing with cultural shocks (IN CHINESE!!!!). This will be an engaging workshop we welcome all levels of Chinese and people with or without experience volunteering (in an immigrant community).

…But Words Can Never Hurt Me?
In this workshop, we will be exploring the classic grade school saying and how our actions and words affect others. We will also explore how we identify ourselves helps decide what words we use when we decide to hurt others.

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