Posted by: Kristin | April 29, 2010

Confucius Institute Opens in Washington State


The Chinese-speaking Emcee’s of the Opening Ceremonies for the CI (Philmon and first-graders Delancy & Nat)


Our former student, Philmon, flew back from Swarthmore College to be the emcee at the Opening Ceremonies. He welcomed the crowd of over 300 students, school officials, journalists and visiting dignitaries in excellent Mandarin and English. He shared his journey of studying Chinese through OneWorld Now!, his year in China and his passion for mastering the language.

In partnership with Seattle Public Schools, the University of Washington, and Hanban (a Chinese nonprofit group affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education), Washington State finally hosts a Confucius Institute! There are more than 50 in the United States and these CI’s represent a significant investment by the Chinese Government. Their primary mission is to make Chinese language, culture, and teaching resources available to the world.

As OneWorld Now! has been the pioneer in teaching Chinese to Seattle Public High School students for the past 8 years, we celebrate this very significant opportunity to spread Chinese language, culture and exchanges throughout the state!


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