Posted by: Kristin | June 9, 2010

OneWorld Now! Youth Shine in Doha

Ali and Jackie, OneWorld Now! alumni from the Evergreen State College, just returned from Doha, Qatar where they were the young stars of the Doha Forum! 10th Annual Doha Forum for Democracy, Free Trade and Development ended last weekend. The world’s elite, including ex-Presidents, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, US Congressional Representatives, etc., gathered for this unique forum in Doha. OneWorld Now! students Jackie and Ali were the only young people that attended the conference and delivered a powerful message at the conclusion of the Doha Forum to the crowd of approximately 400 global leaders. Ali and Jackie spoke on the podium and impressed upon the importance of including more youth voices in such an important global forum! Their inspiring words left a positive impression and talk of creating a Youth Forum in Doha in the near future.

Ali and Jackie’s trip was sponsored by the government of Qatar (and support of OneWorld 2011) and they were treated like royalty, traveling first class from Seattle to Doha and staying at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Doha. Ali said, upon returning from this magical experience, that “people would dream of attending such an important global event with the world’s elite leaders…and I lived that life for three days!” “Now I’m even more inspired to give back! I left really understanding that if young people aren’t provided the education and tools to succeed, no country will be successful in the future!”

Ali and Jackie – we’re very proud of you, inspiring global leaders!

Ali and Jackie both studied Arabic and leadership through OneWorld Now! in high school and studied abroad on scholarships in Egypt and Morocco.


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