Posted by: Kristin | September 22, 2010

Kicking off the New School Year!

Where to begin…

Well, September is always a busy month for OneWorld Now!, as we’re recruiting for our new program throughout Seattle public schools before our October beginning!

Before I say more, we were pleased to see OneWorld Now! featured prominently in the International Educator, NAFSA magazine’s cover story, “Opening Young Eyes.”   We especially appreciated that they used so many beautiful photos of our youth throughout the article!

We have some big news coming down the pipeline, to be announced next month, on our first OneWorld Now! expansion city!  We’ll keep this a surprise for now, but think SUNSHINE (that’s your hint) vs. RAIN (oh, so Seattle).

More details soon.  Right now, it’s recruitment, recruitment, recruitment…where every room in our office (including the storage room) is bursting with students and being used for student interviews (we’ve found it’s important to lay out expectations and interview potential students – so they realize what a SIGNIFICANT commitment they are about to make by joining OneWorld Now!)…


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