Posted by: Kristin | November 4, 2010

Choose Your Vision, Every Single Day!

I had the pleasure of giving a speech yesterday in Seattle on “Leadership”….a big topic. I chose to focus on my own life story and how that has influenced and inspired my work today, leading to and through OneWorld Now!.

As I reflected on what I might say, I realized that “leading” and “living one’s vision” is actually a conscious choice for me every day. Of course, when I’m really doing what I love, it seeps into my subconscious, but mostly, I wake up every morning and think intentionally about what I want to create that day. I check myself on what I’m creating in my relationships, knowing that it all has a ripple effect in the world at large. If I’m holding onto to some kind of resentment or misunderstanding toward someone, I intuitively feel that it is somehow connected to the larger conflicts and misunderstandings around me.

I believe that leadership starts from within. We teach our students at OneWorld Now! that personal leadership is essential to global leadership. This is something we get to choose (and it’s not always easy) every single day. Of course when the vision is bigger than ourselves, that inspires staying the course!


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