Posted by: Kristin | January 29, 2011

Vision Workshop at OneWorld Now!-HI

Just got back from a sunny week in Hawaii, visiting the new OneWorld Now! Hawaii program.  Our pilot project is at Campbell High School.  We’re the first Arabic language high school program on the Hawaiian Islands!  There was a reporter out this week doing a story on us which I hope to see and post soon!  I led a “VISION” workshop with the youth – encouraging them to visualize (and draw) their ideal visions for their future.  I asked them to consider that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE and to be in that head-space as they illustrated their vision on big paper.  Then they were asked to share it verbally with a partner, speaking of their vision in the past tense (as if it had already occurred and everything already happened just they way they had envisioned it!).

In our debrief, there were tears of joy and the youth shared that it was really empowering (and felt very real) to describe their vision to their partner as if it already occurred!  I LOVE doing this workshop with young people – it’s so exciting for me to see the spark in their eyes (as they experience that sense of possibility) – and it always re-invigorates me to consider my own vision!


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