Posted by: Kristin | August 14, 2011

A Full Summer at OWN

Well, the summer seems to be coming to a close and Seattle just got it’s first stint of sunshine this month! It’s been a world wind of activities at OneWorld Now!, but lots of exciting stuff to reflect upon!

First of all, we launched the first Arabic language camp for high school students in Oahu, Hawaii this summer. Two weeks of Arabic immersion, with participating youth from Seattle, Los Angeles and throughout the Hawaiian Islands. It was a big success & we’re grateful to our QFI funders for their support to make it possible.

Just as the Hawaii camp finished, we organized a three week Startalk-supported summer camp in Chinese and Arabic for high school students in the Seattle area. We have some great footage from our immersion camps thanks to our new media partner Synergiesinsync!

AND, if that wasn’t enough, we sent our first group of young MIDDLE SCHOOL students to China this summer, as well as a group of OWN high school students to Beijing! Earlier in April, QFI supported us again to send a group of OWN students and staff to Doha, Qatar. And finally, thanks to our partnership with National Center for Global Engagement and Global Kids, we have a group of youth in Kenya this month on an exciting collaborative study exchange!

So things have hardly slowed down this summer, but we feel blessed to work with such inspiring young leaders whose activities and transformation is a bright spot in an otherwise shifting world….


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